you were made to twirl

Ducks swirl, butterflies glide, and bunnies tumble through the wildflowers. And you were made to twirl in your own lovely way!

Just like Audrey and her animal friends, you are exactly who God created you to be.

This sweet story will captivate you with the adorable characters, charming illustrations and a message that is equal parts delightful and meaningful for readers of all ages.

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twirl releases on October 5

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Each of us has been exquisitely designed by God to reflect his goodness in a one-of-a-kind way. Help your children celebrate their specialness as you share this sweet story about a girl who discovers the truth of who God made her to be, with a little help from her adorable animal friends.

Featuring original writing and watercolors from popular author and artist Emily Lex, Twirl is sure to become a family reading time favorite and a great way to dive into deeper conversations with your kids about their unique place in God’s creation.

As a little girl, I pored over the illustrations as my mom read Blueberries for Sal and Caps for Sale. While my college roommates unpacked their cd collections on move-in day, I pulled Toot and Puddle and The Jolly Postman from my suitcase. And even though my kids have outgrown the adorable stories and pictures, they still find picture books like Sam and Dave Dig a Hole and I Had a Favorite Dress wrapped beneath the tree each year. What a pinch-me-moment it is to get to write and illustrate a sweet book of my own!

It is my great joy as an artist and author to create pretty things that delight and encourage. Whether a book, a piece of art, or words thoughtfully strung together, my hope is to shine a light on God’s goodness, beauty, and truth in all I do. My husband, Ryan, and I live in Gig Harbor, Washington with our four children and an ever-growing picture book collection. 

“The birds sang their songs and the honeybees hummed and the wildflowers blew in the breeze. And Audrey and her friends twirled with all their hearts, each in their own lovely way.”

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