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let’s fill our minds with beauty & truth

free scripture cards to encourage your faith


 One of the greatest things we can do to find peace, wholeness, and joy is to pay close attention to what is truly true.

You’ll receive four printable scripture cards (with original watercolor illustrations!) that are just the right size to tape to your mirror, hang on the refrigerator, or share with a friend.


Hi, I’m Emily

My name was supposed to be something very 1978 like Erica or Jessica, but when my theatrical grandmother arrived at the hospital to meet her newest granddaughter, she looked upon me with my single loop of red hair and exclaimed, “How’s my little Emily Anne?!”.  And that’s how I got my name.

It’s fitting, really. Emily means ‘diligent worker’ and I like that about me: I am a hard worker.

What’s not so great about being a person who expertly checks things off a list is that I can get tangled up pretty easily in thinking my effort and accomplishments and successes and failures are what define me. So tangled, in fact, that I spent the second half of my 30’s desperately trying to get untangled.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: we don’t have to diligently work to prove our worth. As we move from self-reliant striving to surrendered trust in God, He is gentle and faithful to renew us into who we truly are so we can live from a place of love, identity, belonging and purpose instead of searching for it. This is abundant life and I want it more than anything. 

My deepest hope is that whatever I do – whether at home as a mom, laundry-doer and expert chocolate chip cookie maker, or in my work writing, illustrating and putting things on the internet – that I shine a light on the beauty, goodness and truth all around us so that we might see who God is and who we truly are just a little clearer. 


the truth for today newsletter

Included each week:

  • a pretty image of a Bible verse and watercolor illustration
  • a thoughtful story about the scripture
  • a question to pause + ponder as you move about the week
  • free phone wallpaper to keep the verse at the forefront of your mind
  • links to good, true and beautiful things from around the internet

31 illustrated scripture cards for daily faith

Fill your mind with beauty and truth with this set of Scripture cards.

Display throughout your home for a pretty way to point to Jesus. Use them as daily or weekly truth to commit to memory. Share them as encouragement with a friend.

– 31 Card Set
– 4″ x 4″
– Printed on 120lb superfine paper
– Original watercolor artwork by Emily Lex


*PLEASE NOTE* Available as a PREORDER. All cards will be shipped on or before July 15th. 


creative classes

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the daily sketch

A year of daily art practice using everyday objects as inspiration


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it is finished

it is finished

These three words have come to mean a lot to me this year. I put them on my letterboard and look at it every day as a reminder because I am so prone to forget. If left to my own devices, I make everything about me. I self-promote and self-protect and hold myself back...

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lift your eyes up

lift your eyes up

I woke and the house was quiet. It wasn't necessarily early; we've grown very accustomed to the irregular weekday schedule that doesn't require an alarm clock or bus routes or school bells and take advantage of the chance to sleep in. Ryan had already gone up to the...

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it changed my life

it changed my life

Three things happened back-to-back that changed the trajectory of my bible-reading life (and my whole life, actually). It first started with a post I wrote last year about morning devotional books I liked. I am not a morning person and yet I saw the value in starting...

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for the non-fiction types

for the non-fiction types

I listened to a podcast conversation where the host and guest mentioned listening to audio books. One woman said she doesn’t often listen to books because she can’t stay focused. The other suggested listening to novels as they are more entertaining and capture...

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he takes great delight in you

he takes great delight in you

Our oldest son is just the nicest kid – he is smart and friendly, witty and creative. He’s responsible and caring (and as sloppy as they come, but I try to overlook that part). He’s a leader in his class and has lots of friends. And he has a bully who’s been bugging...

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be kind

be kind

The quality I admire most in others, the one character trait I wish for our children and the word I’d love for our family to be defined by is kindness. My friend just told me that in a study of what makes marriages last, the biggest factor was kindness. Honesty,...

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