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One of the best parts about watercolor is how accessible the supplies are. You can find paints and brushes at your local craft store, or order online. You don’t have to spend a bunch on fancy supplies (although there are certainly beautiful options if you choose to). They don’t take up much space, can easily be packed away, and look so pretty when left out!


There are endless options for paint sets – from very inexpensive classroom sets to professional-quality tubes of paint. Choose the best set that fits your budget. These are three great options:

beginner set

This set is a great starter set with many colors and brushes to choose from.

Aroic $9

student quality

Great set for vibrancy and transparency. Comes with a small round brush.

Winsor & Newton $20

basics set

This set is a set with 12 everyday-use colors.

Schpirerr Farben $16

starter tube set

Try out tube paints with this great student-quality set. Comes with brush.

Winsor & Newton Cotman $35

artists watercolors

Wonderful texture and pigment saturation. 18 great colors.

Holbein $60

professional watercolors

Beautiful quality in an assortment of must-have colors.

Winsor & Newton $92


Choose paper specifically made for watercolors (in other words, don’t use regular printer paper!) Watercolor paper is thick and often slightly textured. It is less absorbent than regular paper which allows the paint to puddle and dry in its beautiful watercolor-y way.

great for practice

Paper that is great for kids and practice.

Strathmore 300 series $10

my favorite

Small size perfect for petite paintings.

Strathmore 400 series $5

large size

A spiral bound pad with large sheets.

Strathmore 400 series $10


You will want a few sizes of round brushes. I paint mainly with a size 6, then do all details with size 1 or a fine liner.

starter set

Five synthetic brushes in a variety of sizes.

Princeton $12

round size 1

Small brush for details.

Princeton Velvetouch $9

fine liner

For the tiniest details.

Princeton Velvetouch $7


A few more things you may enjoy using as you paint with watercolor.


I prefer porcelain over plastic (a dinner plate will work too!)

Anishe $14

mechanical pencil

This is my favorite pencil for sketching. Set of two.

Tul 0.5 $12

masking fluid

For masking areas of work needing protection when color is applied.

Winsor & Newton $14

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