Last spring, two of my dear friends joined me in hosting a group of young women to read and discuss Freely and Lightly. It was a touch intimidating as the author of the book who shares pretty vulnerably, but it turned out to be the sweetest time of connecting, releasing, praying, and reorienting our life towards living freely and lightly.

This fall, another dear friend took her small group of young women through Freely and Lightly. I was talking to her last weekend and she mentioned that the discussion guide was so helpful and it reminded me … I NEVER GAVE IT TO YOU!

Last year as part of the book launch, my editor and I created a Book Discussion Guide with a quick summary, thoughtful questions, a prayer, and scripture for each chapter.

If you read Freely and Lightly on your own, it is a great place to go a little deeper.

If you read Freely and Lightly in a group, it is a helpful resource to direct your questions, stay focused and move the conversation along.

The guide is 42 pages and covers all 20 chapters. You can print it at home or take it to a local print shop to have it printed and spiral bound (that’s what I did).

This guide is for personal use only, for use in your home and with your reading groups. Please do not mass print, sell or distribute it.

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One more little thing:

It has been one of the greatest surprise delights this past year to meet with our small group of young women. When I was in my early 20’s and 30’s, I longed for someone in the next season of life to hang out with. I never really found that person and so it is such an honor to be that for these ladies.

If you are older, perhaps see if you can find a group of young women to lead through this book (or any other!).

If you are a young woman, don’t be afraid to ask an older woman to lead you and a group of friends through this book (or any other!).

This is one of the beautiful ways we can connect with each other.

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Hi! I am excited about these free printable activity pages and thought you would be too! Here is the link: https://emilylex.com/free-book-discussion-guide/